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How to get a nonprofit off the groundThe general idea is to produce a documentary featuring well known rs gold experts on a particular subject and have local showings, with local speakers. These speakers will outline specific actions that audience members can take to further the cause.1. How do we get the credibility to contact well known experts?
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We possess a range of skills and talents (technology, marketing, design, sales, organization); we just don't have the right connections or a solid idea of where to start.This is in the US initially in Chicago, hoping to expand nationwide. And no, none of us are former hedge fund managers. smileyposted by desjardins to Grab Bag (10 answers total) 6 users marked this as a favorite
Well, first you get the basics out of the way. Form an ad hoc board of trustees or council and start hashing out a constitution or set of by laws. Contact an attorney so you can begin pursuing your 501c3 status. (If you're really, really motivated you can do the 501c3 stuff on your own, but a good lawyer can do it quick and on the cheap.) Agree on a meeting schedule. Who is the "we" you're talking about? Two people?
Four? In my experience these things work best when you can get a minimum of six people working together on the project.Get ye a website.Don't worry about "credibility" right now that will come with time. Many experts love being invited to things, it helps with the old CV and if they're passionate about their cause then often you can get them for the price of gas.
As for raising funds, after you incorporate with your 501c3 you can apply for grant funding, but that's often difficult and time consuming. How much money do you really need? Do you have friends who are in a band? Do you know someone with a gathering hall / large basement / big back porch / yard? Put on a concert / art sale / craft sale / sushi tasting / beer tasting / food fight / melon catapult competition.
Jon Harrison's site is incredible (and not just applicable to people in Michigan). Another good source is NYFA Source it's maintained by the New York Foundation for the Arts, but is a national database in scope (registration is required, but free).Arts umbrella groups and general community foundations are the most likely suspects.There are definitely 4 people involved in this venture; possibly 6. One has experience with grant writing, so that's covered. Someone is looking into the 501c3, although a lawyer would probably be a better idea.The website is no problem. We have someone with 20 years in IT, a professional graphic designer, and I can handle the basic day to day stuff. We can probably wrangle a volunteer programmer if need be.FYI, this has nothing to do with arts humanities and more to do with social justice, just so arts/humanities doesn't dominate the (wonderful) advice given.Happy April Fools' Day!Good Time to Win RS 2007 Gold/Runescape Gold&More with Up to 6% off&2X Loyalty Points from RSorder Mar.28-Apr.2!Ready to buy from http://www.rsorder.com/rs-gold with Code AFP6!

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